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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Ladder & Manhole Leaves & Paintbrushes Red Wall & Cable Trailer & Blue Shreds Fire Hose Nozzle Banquet Room Crumpled Red Sign Orange Tarp & Tentstake
Red Window & Light Fixture Blue Sky & Yellow Fence Downspout & Weight Orange VW Couch & Plants in Window Tree Trunk Raw Eggs and Stove Burner Cable Coiled around Tree
Lawn & Pole with Tap Silver Scrubby Package Shadows on Peach Wedges Storm Cloud and Antennae Hair Dryer Stack of Folding Chairs TV Tray in Pickup Stool next to Door
Onions behind Barricade Fish & Chips Three Plants and Naugahide Green Environment & Bulb Garage Sale Pickings Tree, Sky & Sign Clock & Seed Packets Firetruck Detail