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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Pink Drapes & Black Bars Restaurant Interior Caged Purple Onions Blue Sky, Tree, & Lumber Poodled Shrub in Bed Pink Jumper Ball Tree & Antennae Red & White Awning
Brick Chimney & Blue Sky Shrubs & Shopping Cart Orange Band on Apartment Tree in Red Truck Bed Arrow on Iron Drain TV Tray in Truck Bed Red Drape & Iron Bars Kissing PIpes
Gumball Machine Red Datsun Front Fender HIgh Tension Tower Red Phone Number Yellow Plastic Mop Pail Sandwich in Purple Tub School Bus Tire Red Shovels & Mops
Snack on Jeans Lap Dashboard of Bus Red Ceiling & Lights Fancy Window with Bars Red Steps & Black Grill Blue Car Trunk Address Stone Green Truck & Black Funnel