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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Florescent Bulb Ham & Eggs Blue Bars on Window Multi-colored Bricks Round Shrub & White Wall Blue Study Desks Blue Sky & Burger Sign Nasty Couch Detail
Window in Brick Wall Dead Tree in Truck Cactus Top Lots of Paper Scraps Detail of Sign Detail of Tail Light White House Tree & Screen Folded Chairs & Wall Detail
Green Wall & Sign Backing White Rock Turreted Wall Top of Hot Water Heater Barber Shop Sign Bag of Curlers Flag & Hydrant Security Windows Tree in Red Garbage Can
Neon Corner Ride Swings & Stripes Corner Detail of Window Orange Flag & Green Shrubs Blue Hoses & Grass Clump Billboard with Armpit & Sky Barricaded Grass Patch Yellow Napkin & Pink Fruit