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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Trays of Cookies Roof & Tree Caddie Nose Ashtray & Shrubs Yellow Lazy Boy Back of Camper Rug Pad on Car Top Moss & Exhaust Pipe
Plant and Red Bars Items on Peg Board Cactus on Grocery Rack Glass Brick & Duct Vacuum in Stairwell Ak Mack Cracker Orange Garlands Blue Truck & Paper Bags
Rice Krispy Cookies Door Latch Three Pink Daisies Feet on Stairs Prepped Car Hair Vacuum Hoses Yellow Bread Truck Cup Holder in Cab
Purple Chairs in Window Floor Mops Barb Wire Fence & Sky Orange Rocks & Aqua Trim Brick Tek House & Shrubs Dalmation in Car Headlight & Grille Tire full of Flowers