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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Hall Corner Landscape Fence on Crest Pennants in Pasture Candy Bins Hair Dryer Hood Water Bottle Carrier Chimney & Transformer Shadow Turnips
Butts in Square Ashtray Camero Patch Job Wings & Wires Barber Chair & Jacket Flattened Containers Handful of Doritos Curtains in Window Clown Closeup
Match and Matchbox Orange Bouquet on Wall Palm Frond & Grate Water and Ferry Rail Orange Facade & Monorail Hotpad & TV Tray Shish Ke Bobs Sun Umbrella & Shadow
Blue Water Jug Aloe & Succulents in Pots Pole & Aqua Fringe Fancy Tile Window Road Cone and Yard Green Facade & Blue Sky Chipped White Base Leaf Demo & Blower