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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Guy Wire Tension Crimp Gray Sky and Antennae Grass and Bunnies on Table Ferry Hand Railing Aqua Truck & Rusted Hood Cactus in Green House Yellow Trash Can Blue Water Jugs in Rack
Muscleman Decal on Truck Twisty Cactus Run Over Red Bouquet Black Cats & Purple Chair Xmas Decorations Keyboard & Orange Orange Crescent & Trees Kneeling Santa & Baby Jesus
Wood Hangars on Racks Firecrackers in Red Wrapper Tree Trunk with Guy Wires Gold Van with Eyes Wild Wallpaper and Dark Window Cleat on Ferry Wall Burger & Fries Cake Two Old Truck Tires
Lanterns & Red Wall Black Cat in Tree Salad & French Dressing Yellow Wall & Junk Small Shrimp Pizza Aerial River & Trees & Blue Sky Pebbles on Coffee Bags Red Bumper with Scrapes