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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Gravel Around Pole Daffodils in Car Red Seat & Blue Table Brick Ring Around Tree Knick Knacks at Sedora's Bars in Front of Yard Silly Shrubs & Brick Wall Green Car & Taillight
Hand on White Wine Glass Sculptural Shrub Janitor's Rusty Sink Helen's Two Cars Mustang Rear Window Radish Tops on Black Plate Bent Bike Wheel Box of Rubber Stamps
Sweet Potato Fries on Plate Parking Lot Light Pole Plant & Red Carats Amaryllis Bulb Gum Ball Machine Green Stripe on Camper Cooling Coil Zig Zag Window in Door & Red Wall
Old Car Headlight Smashed Truck Colorful Key Board Gas Pump & Blue Sky Shag Rug on Stairs Clippings in Blue Truck Xmas Statues in Lot Yellow Bike Rack