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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Pole in Yard with Shadows Yellow Light Bulbs in Grid Chin & Shirt & Tie White Structure Glass Bricks & Red Wall Chartreuse Stacking Chairs Pizza on Yellow Plate Work Glove in Dirt Yard
Cherry Pudding Cake Gray Cat & White Whiskers Oil Cloth & Green Chair Toast And Fruit Aerial Cubical Shrubs Rusty White Structure Tree Trunk In Square Yard Wooden Oars in Row Boat
Tug Boat Utility Net Yellow VW Taillight Umbrella Tree Shurb Umbrella Tree Shurb Ferry Boat Deck Equipment Pink Cloud  & Light Pole Aquarium Detail Deviled Eggs & Corn Fritters
Green Grass Red Wall & Pole Plant in Sun & Dark Wall Witch Hat & Clothes Hamper Ferry Deck & Orange Basin Basement Machinery Carrot Cake Portions Corner Detail with Neon Tool Rack on Truck