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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Flags on Guy Wire Bucket and Mop Red Window & Curtain Troll feeling Tooth Arrow with Flaking Paint Blue Table & Green Chair Brick House & Cute Yard Seafood Salad Mound
Tree & Teak Furniture Ventilation Roof Fan Chimney & Blue Sky Person at Bus Stop Security Box in Doorway Yellow Light Bulbs in Grid Rug & Plant on Deck Trash Bag in doorway
Pink Cloud in Sky Red Lights in Show Window Peppermint Striped Dahlias Wafer Board with Blue Edge Red Paper Box Chained Parking Lot Pennants Purple Awning on Building TV Monitor in Public Place
Kid's Pool Semi-Inflated Blue Wrapped Pole Tire Brush and Tire Pebble Piller on Porch Concrete Piller with Hole Painting of Green Apple Pipe Exiting Foundation Red Bucket and Butts