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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Red Flowers in Greenhouse Fancy Chairs Moss Beware & Blue Poodle Car with Colorful Boxes Wall Fan with Filter Window with Barricade Blue Sky & Plywood Wall Red Sucker in Grass
Cat & Foot in Bathtub Fence & Blue Wall Scrub Brush Window & Coaxial Cables Light Reflections in Window Mattress in Red Hatchback Filtered Exhaust Pipe Shopping Bag in Grass
Outlet Loose in Wall Orange Fence at Work Site Gray Structure Blue Sky and Powerlines Three Phone Booths Pepper & Cheese Doodles Party Show Window Gold Wall & Brick Wall
Indoor Golf Course Pink & Yellow Kite String Black Cat in Crabapple Tree Black Car & Tail Light White House & Shrub Hole in Wall & Exacto Knife Striped Sweater & Chair Crow in Tree Branches