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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Papers & Tile Porch Painting on Fence Lighted Star & Blue Sky Textures & Shadows Big Lighted O Yellow Diagonal Sun on Steel Building Concrete Post Top
Lights on Building Corner Neon Tubes on Green Corner Corrugated Glass Tub of Crinkle Cut Fries Pink Shoe in Venetian Blind Sign for Ice Cream Bars Stripy corner of Ride Neon Script Sign
Plant in Window Corner Marks on Sidewalk Water Swollen Yellow Pages Blue Hose Coil Naked Torso in Window Detail of Broken Sign Plexiglass Telephone Booth Blue and Red Anchors
Crinkled Label on Machinery Peeling Diamond Sign Seat in Amusement Ride Cleat on Barge Amusement Ride Shrub in Front of Window Bumper Flag Red Railing on Yellow Wall