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archival inkjet print
12" x 29"

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Steel Building & Blue Sky Shrub & Brick Facade Broom Handle in Porch LTD Hood Fake Sun Flowers Red Car in Drive Furled Flag in Window Bundles of Doorskins
Red & Blue Cars Kissing Bike Cable on Tree Trunk Filmy View of Yellow Tree Wood Floor & Radiator Curtained Window & Plant Painted Palm Trees & Cross Pole in Lawn Wrapped Door Handles
Wacky Shrubs on Brick Wall White Bathroom Detail Red Paint on White Stones Anchor Fence & Grasses Cup Holder in Truck Cab Orange Pants & Green Boots Blue Sky & Poles Vent Fan on Celler Stairs
Red Alarm Bell & Blue Trim Sapling & Fenceposts Window & Orange Yard Fresnel Lens & Blue Sky Drinking Fountain in Foyer Mud Scoop Conveyor Belt Red Spot on Black Van Plugged in Green Truck